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星期四, 4月 24th, 2008

I have come back to ningbo for a month and one day. The trip to shenzhen seems a little far to me now. I thought I could give up all the emotions and never regreted. But now I think I am confused. Is it a normal feeling? I hope so.

Cancan always tells me that he believes me. My personality is so sunshine that most of the persons will like me. But why this charactor couldn't survive the difficulty and indifference? I like to stay in the shadow under the sun. Outer is bright and the inner is cool. Just like someone who is cool outside whereas hot inside. Both make me feel comfortable.

I am lucky all the time. That's because of my friends Jennybaby, cancan, shelly,hxuefly, Shimmin, laocao, jenny and so on. Thanks all, my fortunes. You are the sun shedding beams of light on me and ignite my sky above, and my world will always be filled with hope and happiness.

The last interview of graduation exam has finished. The girls and boys in Ningbo University achieved a very good success. Compared to them, my past was so disappointed. Now I make up my mind I'll try again. God, please favor me strength to climb to the summit of my dream. I know that's not the only way to success, but I need this glory to certify my ability and self-confidence. I will insist on it.